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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Got questions? We've got answers. 

  • How is frntlne different from traditional learning methods?
    Traditional face-to-face training and learning management systems (LMS) are often costly, requiring extensive time and resources to ultimately be effective. frntlne makes educating frontline staff more affordable, effective and measurable for brands and retailers — while making it convenient, accessible, motivating and fun for employees!
  • What is micro-learning?
    Micro-learning is a modern approach that delivers small, bite-sized pieces of information. This makes learning more accessible and convenient by breaking down complex topics into smaller, manageable pieces. With micro-learning, learners have the flexibility to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule. This makes it ideal for busy employees who don't have a lot of time to devote to traditional learning methods. Check out our blog post on micro-learning here.
  • What is frntlne?
    frntlne is a micro-learning app that helps frontline workers engage customers and sell with confidence. Our mission? To empower customer-facing staff through quality education, and give them the knowledge they need to provide the best customer experience and sales results.
  • How is frntlne different to other solutions?
    Our solution is researched-backed, accessible on mobile and desktop, and designed to deliver 100% course uptake and completion, as well as better knowledge retention.
  • How does frntlne incentivise its learners?
    At frntlne, we have a unique, researched-backed incentivisation model. It’s our secret ingredient for 100% course uptake and completion. Get in touch to learn more!
  • What is frntlne's Interactive Learning Methodology (FILM)?
    frntlne's Interactive Learning Methodology (or FILM) is our unique learning approach, based on scientifically proven methods and an original incentivisation program. Click here to learn more about FILM at frntlne.
  • Why — and how — has frntlne created its own learning methodology?
    We believe success starts with a great learning foundation. That’s why we've partnered with learning and development (L&D) experts from the field to help design an effective, creative and engaging approach fit for audiences with shortening attention spans.
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