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frntlne. Micro-learning.
Maximum results.

The e-learning app that helps staff engage customers and sell with confidence.

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Retail, Hospitality & Pharmacy Education Reinvented

frntlne is a next-generation platform that helps employees learn in a fun, engaging way. Training is delivered through conversational micro-learning videos to boost retention and recall of key product information.

And 100% course uptake and completion isn't the only result. Confidence from education means empowered, motivated
frontline staff who engage customers, live and breathe customer excellence — and fill shop baskets. 

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Why Choose Us?


•  frntlne Interactive
Learning Methodology (FILM)
designed and  constantly perfected by experts in the field

Engaging & accessible

 •  Learning on demand

•  Fun, bite-sized videos
•  Mobile and desktop friendly
•  Certification upon completion


 •  Audience-centric training based on each user's location, profile, interests and product availability

Return on investment (ROI)

 •  100% course uptake and completion
•  Retained product knowledge
•  Market insights and feedback
•  Increased upselling and cross-selling

Trusted By The Greatest

“The Blackmores institute is a well established learning and development (L&D) program. We do, however, see significant value in frntlne’s approach and are looking forward to a long partnership with them!”

Angela Layton, National Account Manager @ Blackmores

“I'm a firm believer in education as a tool to lift people. I see frntlne as an innovation that will assist millions of people across the globe to do just that.”

frntlne Advisor, Dr. Mathew Knowles, Phd (Business Administration)

and father to Beyoncé and Solange


"frntlne's training is easy to navigate. I now have more confidence in selling the products I learned about and have made more sales based on my new knowledge. I recommend doing frntlne to anyone, as you can do it in your own time!"

Isabella R., frntlne user @ Terry White Chemist

So, What Are You Waiting For?

Discover what makes frntlne's micro-learning solution so special with a free demo today!

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And want to get frntlne at work? Let us know!

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