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Maximum results.

Empowering Travel Agents across the globe

with the knowledge and confidence to sell your offering.

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We’re the pioneers of influencer-tech to help brands create brand advocates. Our courses elevate the way frontline team members engage with customers and positively influence buying decisions

What makes us stand out? Our four part solution.


  1. Remuneration: we pay team members to complete training.  

  2. Edutainment: we merge education with entertainment to cater for diminishing attention spans. We make social media style learning that is short, attention grabbing and engaging. 

  3. Science-backed: our FILM methodology is designed for long-term retention. We ensure that knowledge and skills aren't just shared, it’s remembered, recalled and executed with ease. 

  4. Data sourcing: we harvest invaluable data and insights from the floor.  

Founders Lodge


frntlne was commissioned by Paul Gardiner, owner of Founders Lodge by Mantis to solve the problem of travel agents being undereducated. They believed that if agents knew more about the property and its key features, they would be able to sell it better, thereby increasing revenue for all stakeholders.


The results were exceptional and training is being scaled to agents throughout the world.


“What frntlne achieved was outstanding. Travel agents are a critical sales channel for us and we have never been able to educate them at scale in a way that they engage with that drives proper customer interaction and profitability. frntlne have proved that their unique model and delivery mode is the combination that we in the travel industry have been searching for. We are committed to training agents across the globe on all our properties using the frntlne platform and encourage other vendors in the space to take advantage of the solution.”

Paul Gardiner, Owner of Founders Lodge by Mantis (Director Mantis Luxury Collection)

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 Elevate your Revenue.

with frntlne.

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